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Fields of Specialization

Architecture Housing; residential & office buildings; hotels, tourist, recreation & sports complexes; banks; government offices (ministries, embassies, etc.); education facilities (universities, schools, etc.); hospitals & health-care facilities; commercial complexes (trade & shopping centers); military complexes; conference, exhibition & cultural centers (theatres, libraries, etc.); religious buildings .

Landscape Architecture development; parks & recreational facilities; hotel & tourism complexes; streets, roads & motorways; residential developments; educational centers; commercial complexes; governmental & civic facilities; research, scientific & medical institutions; corporate office parks; cultural & religious facilities; mixed-use developments; reforestation & site rehabilitation projects.

Structure Reinforced concrete, pre stressed concrete, steel and composite constructions. Static, dynamic, linear and non-linear analysis of structures, Ultimate and serviceability design of structures including gravity, wind and seismic loads. Durability design including corrosion and tire, Retrofitting and repair of structures

Mechanical Engineering Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & refrigeration; plumbing and fire protection; health-care facility infrastructure; building automation, energy management and control systems; environmental control and thermal modeling; manufacturing facilities (cement & building materials factories, food processing, chemical & pharmaceutical plants, light industry); mechanical plant for water, sewerage & desalination; operation & maintenance management systems.

Project and Construction Management in the aforementioned fields: conditions of contract; cost estimation; cost evaluation and control; risk analysis; contingency management; budget management; contractors’ prequalification; tender management; design management; value engineering; constructability review; contract administration; construction supervision; QA\QC formulation\ implementation; project controls system establishment\operation; planning, scheduling and progress control; contract management; contractors’ interface\ coordination ;claims and disputes management; owner’s representation; technical assistance and training.


Scope of Services

Pre-Feasibility studies

Pre-Feasibility studies are conducted in conjunction with known specialist to understand the scope of the project. Over years Omran , Consolidated Architects has gained tremendous experience and in results has produced quality reports for government departments as well as private organization.
The success of any study depends on the thorough investigation and assessment of all the factors affecting the project. HS international team is skilled at preparing pre-feasibility studies that serve our clients.

Feasibility Studies

Omran , Consolidated Architects provides through high quality research and analysis, a thorough in-depth investigation of the business opportunity, forecast the overall potential of the project, and provide an accurate analysis to determine the economic viability of the project.

Omran , Consolidated Architects stresses on the credibility of information, the alternatives and the supporting evidence and address the risks and means of reducing them. We are using financial ratios and sensitivity analysis on various aspects of the project to analyze risks and prove to potential investors the viability of the project under adverse conditions.
The feasibility study concentrates on the viability of the project and the business plan on the details of its implementation and development of the project.

The study shows the required capital injections to meet the balance of capital requirements and provide a comprehensive and effective coverage of all aspects of the project for potential lenders to advance the required funding or potential investors and partners to invest in the project.